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We look beyond the limitations of conventional wisdom and Gear toward serving investors globally.

Global equities, fixed income, multi-asset solutions, and sustainable investments are all components of active, high-conviction portfolios, which are made to fulfill the diverse goals of institutions, investors, and financial professionals. Our strategy is much more than just an investment mandate because every component of our investment platform is in line with this objective. It defines us and what we do.

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Serving since 1998 and still active

Our records and investment knowledge, which span over a century of active management, demonstrate an unshakable dedication to identifying the greatest, most long-lasting investment possibilities for our customers going forward.

10 Jan 2014

Utilizing our extensive portfolio

We concentrate on offering financial advisers portfolio construction knowledge by utilizing our extensive platform and portfolio construction technology in light of the evolving wealth management landscape. Our first wealth management customer purchases utilize the same data and risk capabilities as our investment teams.

23 Dec 2011

Sustainable financial performance

With a stronger emphasis on the significance of purpose to long-term profitability, we expanded our commitment to investment. We go beyond proxy voting to engage with companies to achieve long-term, sustainable financial performance, and ultimately the value of our customers' assets, through this effort and the entire dedication to investment throughout the previous years.

09 Sep 2005

Providing core services

We provide essential and efficient financial services because we see a chance to innovate, grow, and provide transparency to risk management for the larger industry. This dedication, which is fundamental to our identity as a company, permeates everything we do and sets us apart as investment and risk managers.

17 Apr 1998

The beginning.

We started in the 1990s by a small group of individuals who were all determined to prioritize the demands and interests of their clients. Our founders believed that by putting their passion for comprehending and managing risk to use, they could manage assets in a way that was better for their clients. The company is still run in this manner now.

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