Minimum investment amount

2001000.00 PKR

Maximum investment amount

5000000.00 PKR

Working Days


Total Profit

17 - 20 %


Tenure end

Off Days


Withdrawal of a deposit



Daily profit

Daily Profit

Deposit Details

Platinum is more durable than Gold, it is high in density and chemical composition make it less likely to break than gold, so it lasts longer. It is a rare metal that is the reason its value is high. Similarly, Platinum plan is designed for those investors who want to deal in precious commodities like: Platinum. This is the most expensive package among Short term plans therefore, its return is also higher as compared to other packages. This plan is also daily based. The withdrawal of profits in this plan can be made on a daily basis. Initial amount would be provided after completion of the package. However, if any client wants to withdraw the amount before maturity, the client will have to bear a 12% penalty on its invested amount. In any case, client can have its consumed profit whenever he wants to withdraw it.

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