Minimum investment amount

100000.00 PKR

Maximum investment amount

10000000.00 PKR

Working Days


Daily Profit

84 - 93 %


Working Days

Off Days


Withdrawal of a deposit



Daily profit

Daily Profit

Deposit Details

Jadeite plan is a 6 month credible investor plan which covers a good profit margin of upto 72% giving the investors a comfort zone of earning huge profits. Like the name itself is identifying a precious commodity, Jadeite plan is the perfect option where the investors can multiply their investments every month and earn good revenue. Withdrawal in this package will be given after 6 months at the completion of the package. However, if any client wants to withdraw the amount before maturity, the client will have to bear a 72% penalty on its invested amount. In any case, client will have its consumed profit whenever he needs to withdraw it.

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